Parenting Matters

Angie (one of our awesome Speech Pathologists) came across this great website that we wanted to pass on to you.  It is:
It has all sorts of information.  Some of the things I found most helpful:
1. Calendar: it lists activities and classes for parents and kids (some library times as well that are in addition to the regular story times).
2. At the top it says “Parent Library” if you click on that a list of links will come up.  My favorite links were those with the ages.  I looked up the ages of my girls (ages 3.5 and 18 months) and it gave suggestions of things they should be doing at this age (ride a tricycle, tell pretend story’s, etc).  I would encourage you to look at the list for your child’s age.  If there is something they are not mastering, you can have a goal to work towards.  If they have mastered everything on the list, move up to the next one!


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