Summer and Fall Spots are available

cloudsSummer is blazing but school and fall are not too far over the horizon. We have spots for both summer and fall available. Reserve the best spots before they are gone! As always, if you are unsure if your child is on track with their speech or language development, we offer free screenings that will give you an idea of where they are. Give us a call to schedule a screening or a full evaluation today! 719.377.2523

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Getting results

Did you know that at PSLC, 46% of kids graduate from services in one year or less?! If you are looking for effective, research-based speech or feeding therapy for your child, contact us today for more information, to set-up an initial evaluation, or to schedule a free speech/language or feeding screening. Call 719.377.2523


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10 Reasons to keep your child home

  1. Your child has a fever or high temperature
  2. Vomiting/diarrhea
  3. Signs of strep throat or ear infection
  4. Bad cough or excessive runny nose
  5. Lice
  6. Pink eye
  7. Rash
  8. Family emergency
  9. Natural disaster (snow day!!)
  10. Excessively tired
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Thank you, Veterans!

We at PSLC can’t thank you enough for your sacrifice and service to our country!


Here is an awesome program for those military families who may have dad or mom deployed. United Through Reading

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Distracted at School?

Does your child struggle with distraction in school? Here are some tips that may help!

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How do you Praise your Child?

thumbs up

For over a decade Carol Dweck and her team studied the effects of praise on students. This study involved a series of experiments on over 400 5th graders from all over the country. Watch the results…

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Back to School!



It’s that time of year again…Back to School time! Start the year off right with a FREE SPEECH SCREENING. PSLC has several immediate openings, but spots are filling quickly. Call 719.377.2523 today to set up your child’s free screening or to schedule a speech/language evaluation.

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Prevent the Summer Slide!



Studies show that children who do not read or have access to books during the summer lose up to 2 months of reading performance. Those losses accumulate during the elementary school years so that by the time a child enters middle school he/she may be 2 1/2 years behind! Read on for ideas to help you prevent the Summer Slide!


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Summer Openings

PSLC has Therapy openings for this summer! Please call 719.377.2523 to schedule a screening or evaluation today!


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Summer Language Activities!

The more we communicate with each other and interact with the environment, the better our language and ability to communicate becomes. The following are a variety of things that you can do with your child to help them to strengthen their language abilities. Read More….

Summer Activities That Build Language Skills




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