Summer Openings

PSLC has Therapy openings for this summer! Please call 719.377.2523 to schedule a screening or evaluation today!


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Summer Language Activities!

The more we communicate with each other and interact with the environment, the better our language and ability to communicate becomes. The following are a variety of things that you can do with your child to help them to strengthen their language abilities. Read More….

Summer Activities That Build Language Skills




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Speech Screenings

At PSLC, we always offer FREE speech and language screenings. To set up a screening appointment, just call us at 719.377.2523.

Screenings only take 15 minutes and are available on a first come/first served basis.


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Stop the Drooling!

How to Reduce or Stop Your Child From Drooling by Chicago Speech Therapy

Depending on your child’s age, drooling can be something that he or she is a temporary side effect and byproduct of teething. If your child has already begun teething and isn’t able to stop from drooling, there are a few things you can do to help him or her exercise the oral muscles and gain control of this area. While your child’s oral function may be underdeveloped, you can still use exercises to enhance and teach oral muscle function.

A Few Practical Tips
1) Take away the pacifier, …..

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Early Developmental Milestones

If you’re at all like me, you don’t LOVE many songs the first time you hear them. Actually maybe not even the second or third time; but, after so many times of hearing a song something about it starts to “click” with you. You learn the patterns of the music, you learn the rhythm and beat, you start to learn the lyrics, and actually begin singing along.

Kids are the same way with language. When learning new words, at first they seem to ignore you or even want to “change the station” on you and go back to old ways of communicating. However, once they hear it enough, they start to catch on. They begin to learn the function and meaning of the word,they begin to learn the context of when to use the word, and eventually “learn the lyrics” and can sing along.
So don’t give up on teaching your kids new words or a new skill. They are picking it up day by day.
Below is the link for developmental guidelines for learning early language skills. There are also some great strategies to use as parents, that we also use a lot in therapy. Take a look!
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Kids need nature!

You’ve probably had this experience: The kids have been cooped up all morning and now you’re heading out to the park, just to get them outside. In the car, they squabble and sulk — the oldest doesn’t want to go, the second complains about the third’s singing, the third begins to cry — and you’re on the verge of losing it. No one, you’re convinced, will make it back from this outing alive.

But when the kids pile out of the car, everything changes. They begin running around, exploring, getting dirty, discovering rocks, and making up games….

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Parenting Matters

Angie (one of our awesome Speech Pathologists) came across this great website that we wanted to pass on to you.  It is:
It has all sorts of information.  Some of the things I found most helpful:
1. Calendar: it lists activities and classes for parents and kids (some library times as well that are in addition to the regular story times).
2. At the top it says “Parent Library” if you click on that a list of links will come up.  My favorite links were those with the ages.  I looked up the ages of my girls (ages 3.5 and 18 months) and it gave suggestions of things they should be doing at this age (ride a tricycle, tell pretend story’s, etc).  I would encourage you to look at the list for your child’s age.  If there is something they are not mastering, you can have a goal to work towards.  If they have mastered everything on the list, move up to the next one!


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Tips for Positive Parenting


Have 1-5 rules that cover every situation (This will help in remembering.)

1. Follow directions the first time they are given.

2. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

3. Be kind to others.

4. Make good choices.

5. Try your best.

…… continue reading at

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10 Effective Parenting Tips


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Speech Sounds Development

Are your child’s speech sounds on target with others his/her age? Check out our speech sounds development post by Angie!

Speech sounds chart

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