Early Developmental Milestones

If you’re at all like me, you don’t LOVE many songs the first time you hear them. Actually maybe not even the second or third time; but, after so many times of hearing a song something about it starts to “click” with you. You learn the patterns of the music, you learn the rhythm and beat, you start to learn the lyrics, and actually begin singing along.

Kids are the same way with language. When learning new words, at first they seem to ignore you or even want to “change the station” on you and go back to old ways of communicating. However, once they hear it enough, they start to catch on. They begin to learn the function and meaning of the word,they begin to learn the context of when to use the word, and eventually “learn the lyrics” and can sing along.
So don’t give up on teaching your kids new words or a new skill. They are picking it up day by day.
Below is the link for developmental guidelines for learning early language skills. There are also some great strategies to use as parents, that we also use a lot in therapy. Take a look!
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